My name is Jan Jeltes , male , 66 years of age and a retired enterprise computer systems and information storage expert . I also have a strong background in computer networks and complex IT related systems , structures and software I came to the realisation , quite some time ago , that the female population is under- represented , and that their need for privacy , security and dedicated services have - put simply - not been met Their sense of adventure has , similarly , and within that context , not been adequately addressed in a commercial sense I am the only male photographer in Recticity , all my staff are hand picked women with a keen interest in this artform Furthermore , I am the only person with full access to my client’s details to ensure all interactions with my studio are between myself and my clients and remain totally confidential under all circumstances Disclaimers : our studio is not aimed at financial efficiency or stressed for economy My results are guaranteed not to please everyone ; the legacy of a commitment to true art in preference to mass produced not-even-close-to-good-enough My passions are the creation of a   unique and distinctive permanent modal record for you and for those who later   try to reify your presence past ;          creating a snapshot in time of a prescient nature   so as to ensure that it is captured ,          those qualities which are ultimately subsumed by          tick-tock of clock Mr Jan Jeltes CEO / photographer Please note:       The Recticity group in Adelaide is the global birthplace of the revolutionary Syncopella music (or Recti-Sync as it is known internally) - a true twenty-first century innovation that offers exceptional opportunities for multi-talented performers from duos through to combined orchestral and choir performances
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