My name is Jan Jeltes , a male 66 years of age and a retired enterprise computer systems and information storage expert . I also have a strong background in computer networks and complex IT related systems , structures and software Other skills reach deep into computer assisted machining (CNC) , robotics as well as various other diverse interests including a wide range in the arts I came to the realisation , quite some time ago , that the female population is under- represented , and that their need for privacy , security and dedicated services have - put simply - not been met Their sense of adventure has , similarly , and within that context , not been adequately addressed in a fun feel-free-to-explore-to-your-heart’s -desire environment staffed by an ever so slightly off-centre group of consummate creative professionals **   Governance Security of my client’s details and privacy protection are at the very forefront of my  aims under a very strict and entirely uncompromising policy - client confidentiality and privacy are assured at all times , in keeping with the studio’s stellar global reputation Outline My passions are the creation of a   unique and distinctive permanent modal record for you and for those who later   try to reify your presence past ;          creating a snapshot in time of a prescient nature   so as to ensure that it is captured ,          those qualities which are ultimately subsumed by          tick-tock of clock
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